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Crazy Signs & Stickers

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Crazy Signs & Stickers
Crazy Signs & Stickers, Crazy street signs, After a controversy over a design competition for a Chicago city sticker (chicago city sticker controversy + design contained gang signs), a young boy was left without a $1,000 prize. The Chicago city sticker flap is just one example of public signs and stickers gone wrong. Here are other signs of trouble.Funny street signs

Sheriff Cruiser Decal, Vermont, The issue: An inmate made an unexpected addition to the decal that appears on police vehicles. Inmate ads pig to decal, Police decals cots $780 to replace
'Secret' nuclear bunker, Where? United Kingdom, The issue: After being decommissioned in 1992, a nuclear bunker in Essex, U.K., became a tourist attraction. Such was the popularity of the attraction that road signs soon began to show visitors the way to the "secret" spot.
Watch video about the secret nuclear bunker

Anti-Obama sign Fort Myers, Where? Fort Myers, Florida, The issue: A roofing company attracted criticism for displaying a series of anti-Obama/pro-America messages on a display above its showroom. Read about the controversy, Contentious Fort Myers Sign
Jefferson City crosshair stickers, Where? Jefferson City, Missouri, The issue: Five Democratic state senators found crosshair stickers attached to their office doors. Despite increased security, some of the stickers have been reposted. What other threats have lawmakers on edge? jefferson city lawmakers + threatening emails
ProShots billboard, Where? Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The issue: ProShots Gun Range was criticized over a series of controversial billboards advertising their services to "convert pansies." gun range 'pansies " billboards pulled
Rick Perry hunting camp, Where? Paint Creek, TX, The issue: Texas Gov. Rick Perry took considerable flak during his run for the Republican presidential nomination when the name of his hunting camp emerged. Niggerhead Hunting Camp, Watch news reports

Anti-family bumper stickers, Where? Perth, Australia, The issue: A series of bumper stickers that satirized a popular brand of sticker met with controversy in Western Australia.
Owen Valley High School sign, Where? Spencer, IN, Issue: A sign hanging in the locker room of Owen Valley High School was taken away after an outcry over its underlying message. What was the sign's message? Owen Valley High School Sign + what is said here, what is done here, let it stay here, when you leave here 

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