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Converted Garage
As of the old garage to make a very nice house for the holiday?

Tattoo Festival 2012

Best worn under pictures of tattoos from the festival in Philadelphia.Some of them are real works of art.

Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses
Looks like somebody has been dumpster diving…

Pizza after 9:00 in the Oven
We kind of put a pizza with friends and went plump cultural ...About Pizza remembered by 9:00 ...

Best Graffiti
The best thing that had been painted on the walls of cities in the world for the year. London, England.

Japanese Lolita
Gothic Lolita - female image, it is now fashionable in Japan, and throughout the world. Pupae-lolitki demand not only in the fashion world. Puppet, innocence and infantilism girls attract men.Their children's maddening straight bangs, big bows in their hair, corsets, long socks ...

Amazing Tattoos Brands
The second part of crazy tattoos depicting various well-known brands.

The Picture is a Thousand Words
Each picture in the news consists of over 200 000 words of different lengths, heights and colors. Amateur Spanish artist Joan Osborne chooses from the texts, poems and books of those words are associated with the image of him. Each picture is carefully collected on a netbook with a program written by the artist.

Famous Firings

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Famous Firings
Famous Firings - Whichever term you prefer, it is usually not pleasant. It certainly wasn’t for ESPN editor Anthony Federico, who was fired a few weeks ago for an ill-thought-out headline about Jeremy Lin. Good news for Federico -- he’s got company. Scroll through to see other people who have made the news for being let go.  chink in the armor espn headline,

Tattoos Athletes
Bare flash backs of athletes in the shot is not too often. For example, players may only occur at the end of the match. In swimmers with the simpler, but mostly hidden behind the water. The most prominent are the backs of those who go to the ring in boxing or other sports where the torso bare.

Crazy Signs & Stickers

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Crazy Signs & Stickers
Crazy Signs & Stickers, Crazy street signs, After a controversy over a design competition for a Chicago city sticker (chicago city sticker controversy + design contained gang signs), a young boy was left without a $1,000 prize. The Chicago city sticker flap is just one example of public signs and stickers gone wrong. Here are other signs of trouble.Funny street signs

Child Saved from Burning
2-year-old boy named Zed received second degree burns on his chest after being knocked over a cup of hot tea. Parents did not expect that child to return his appearance, but doctors saved the baby from burns due to a new revolutionary method. Physicians produced an unusual spray from the skin cells, and Zeda sprayed it on the skin. The result of treatment is staggering.

Famous March Birthdays
Famous March birthdays_March brings the first day of spring and birthday wishes for a tattoo artist, a prince and a rock legend. Join in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” for these celebrities.

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