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Tired of the Usual Elka

Homemade Spy Cam
I remember in school we used a mirror to look under the girls skirts. But technology is not standing still and the guy made ​​himself an advanced device to drop the girls under her skirt. Apparently, the police also are interested in this device.

Beer Mugs and Glasses
In order for consumers to fully appreciate the taste of a favorite beverage in the beer market right now there are so many beer-ware. This is different in terms of cups, and glasses of different shapes, and glasses. Each beer is better reveals his taste in a particular glass.

Weapons of Staples
When in office bored and have nothing to do, you can try to improvise weapons out of paper clips.

Home Built Car
Master named Vladimir from Kazakhstan SUV assembled by hand.The car turned out really cool.

Inmates and Parrots
In South Africa, a maximum security prison inmates are allowed to keep birds.To care for parrots can only the most exemplary and industrious convicts.The administration of the colony said that communication with the birds teaches criminals the right way.

Creative Drawings

Motorcycle based on the Movie Alien vs. Predator

Luxury Furniture for Dogs

Amazing Card Game Art

Amazing Mini Art

Creative Art Gallery
Lithuanian artist embroiders a cross Metal.In the course of going irons, spoons and even cars.Looks very cool.

Footwear for Girls this Sysadmin
Alternative gift for girls of this sysadmin - slippers from the motherboard. Great shoes for the summer, actually. It is, however, is not cheap - 350 dead raccoons.

Lego McDonald's - Gather for Dinner
Lego McDonald's - gather for dinner I think that the pictures do not require detailed description. Cheeseburgers, cola, potatoes - all from Lego.

Corkscrews, Bottle Openers

All Will Be There
RIAN press photographer tried to answer it by sending a few photos of Novosibirsk "special products plant" at the local crematorium.Employees woodworking shop Novosibirsk Plant of special products, supplying products to theNovosibirsk crematorium, while working on making coffins.

Sculptures made of Metal

Horror Fashion of Katie Eary
The most beautiful horror fashion of katie Eary.

Interesting pictures of Russian president Vladimir Putin on the streets.

Amazing Fire Show

Creating an Artificial island in Dubai
Dubai has built an artificial island on which to settle commercial and residential real estate.
Another ambitious project.Want to see how it all happens?

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