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Airbrushing on Cars
The car now - neither more nor less - a way of expressing individuality of its owner. And it's not a preference for a particular model. And how that very production model to make a unique and inimitable.

Chinese Inventions
We all know that the Chinese can copy everything from t-shirts and a computer.But few remember that these people are really creative.Look at these designs that made ordinary people without special education.

Creative Car Designer
Jacob  Savchik (Fr. Jaques Saoutchik, real name Jacob Savchuk, 1880, the Russian Empire - 1955, France) - French designer of Ukrainian origin, the founder and owner of the famous in the first half of XX century. studio to produce bodies for cars.

Handicrafts Painting Art
Khokhloma painting - is an original Russian folk craft, there are over three hundred years, a unique phenomenon, not only across Russia, but in the world of art.

Amazing Plants Gravity
The designer has invented a special pot that does not wake up the earth and puts the water directly to roots.
This pot clings to the ceiling upside down, so that the leaves of the flower will hang over your head.

Amazing Geometric Sculptures
 Zachary Abel - graduate student at MIT, author of the amazing geometric sculptures of stationery and other details that may be at hand.

Amazing Condom
But what can be done with them! Cool idea! Send us your own.

25 Ideas for the New Year
The festive mood and surroundings can be quickly and easily create their own hands.We offer a number of interesting and inexpensive ideas for the new year.

Matches as Art
Amazing art installations made out of burning matches.

Snow Barricades 2011
In those days, when there was a snowy winter in my childhood, my friends and also built something like this:)

Amazing 3D Street Art 2011
Unique Creative Interesting Beautiful 3D illusions.

Tiger Skin of 500 000 Cigarettes
A drop of nicotine have been known to kill a horse. A 500 ​​000 pristine cigarettes with a light hand Chinese artist Xu Bin  are transformed into a huge installation - tiger skin, which the author and his assistants built for an art project Tobacco Project to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Ideas Simplify your Life
If you have lost the small object - a cog or earring, use a vacuum cleaner, after putting it on a regular stocking.

The Bear Rolled in Garbage Truck
 In downtown Vancouver, a brown bear came out of the truck.Apparently, the bear climbed into one of the containers and so carried away looking for food,he did not hear the approach of the truck.The car overturned all the contents of the tank along with the bear and went on.Bruin did not believe his eyes when found in such gastronomic heaven and devoured everything edible,has not yet arrived at the center of town.Leave the car he was clearly not intended, the police had to use sleeping pillsand then a special service took him back into the woods.

 These costumes made ​​kospleyschik named Peter Kokis.Each of his creation - a real piece of art for connoisseurs of cosplay.

Amazing Thousand Sculptures
 In the city of Tangshan  Hebei Province  has recently emerged sight - clay sculpture park. The park is unique. Unique because it has no analogues in the world, performed on a scale of such material, in addition of several thousand sculptures.

Creative Snow Sculpture
It has long came the cold, and it's time to show you the beautiful sculptures out of snow.

Museum of Christmas
Interestingly people are arranged. I have now the opportunity to choose among the chic, shiny, ornate Christmas toys, however, they have no power over me. This can be understood and to check if the pull of the old loft box of old Christmas ornaments. It is these little bees and peeling zaychishki, chickens and squirrels, strawberries, bumps, icicles unprecedented manner instantly pull you into my childhood. You yourself will feel as if someone touched you a magic wand. Believe me.

Grated Soap
Strange device for bath, which, perhaps, replace liquid soap.

Exposing Glossy Photo
The old almost as photo editors topic of how to actually look famous people again actively discussed all over the world. The occasion was the development of Dartmouth Professor Hany Farid, who created an algorithm to estimate a percentage how much the picture has changed from the original version. Already there is talk about the mandatory addition of an algorithm to sites where such an assessment will be billed automatically. Well, of course, photographs, attached to the study, excite public interest - after all, always nice to know that stomach Visly not you have one.

New Red Bull Headquarters
Chosen over two other firms, Sid Lee Architecture and Sid Lee’s Amsterdam atelier were mandated to create the new Red Bull Amsterdam headquarters. The company agreed to settle in the North side of Amsterdam’s port area, in a site evocative of both an artistic street culture and the intensity of extreme sports. The project landed in an old heritage shipbuilding factory, facing a timeless crane and an old disused Russian submarine.

Wandering the Crystal Ball
 All of the most fascinating stories usually begin with the words "one", "once" or "one day". That's an interesting story began and Chris Stravera, medical laboratory technician by profession and amateur photographer in mind. One day, he absently twirled in the hands of a crystal ball, which usually lay on his desk, and suddenly thought, why not use this same ball in his photographs? Think twice, he did not - and that so was born an original art project called "Wandering the Crystal Ball"

Tunnels of Mexican Drug Traffickers
In such tunnels Mexican traffickers send tens of tons of goods across the border into the United States.

Biggest Snowman in the World
In February 2008, in Bethel (USA) for 2 weeks to build the biggest snowman in the world and called it «Olympia SnowWoman». It even has an official website with a blog and photos, the story of creation, and other information. The height of the snowman as much as 37 meters, but his hands are medium sized trees. Melted "snowman" as much in the middle of June.

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