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Bald Art Figures on the Head
Several years ago, when Philip Levine began to go bald, he just decided not to shave your head, like everyone else. Instead, he decided to turn it into a canvas for their own art. This is how it was born, and art direction.

Photos with the Thatcher Effect

What we've Done over these Hundred Years
As can be seen, not a few:

Jumping over Babies
During May and June holidays in a small Spanish town of Castillo de Murcia  is an unusual ritual purification El Kolachev. First held back in 1620, a ritual designed to cleanse El Kolachev souls of infants born over the past year since the last ritual. On the day of the ceremony is possible, as the locals believe, to save children from the evil eye and spoilage, to protect from disease and dark forces.

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