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Kung Fu Squirrels

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Their mean and moody expressions suggest: Go on, punk, make my day.
And when any rival is foolish enough to stray on to their territory, the result is terrifying.In scenes more like a violent Quentin Tarantino movie than a wildlife shoot, one Cape ground squirrel delivers a ferocious attack on an interloper.

Reservoir squirrels: The fur flies as the battle rages

This time I’m talking about…let’s call it fun-water shortage. A massive heat-wave hit China these last few days, and temperatures soared to an alarming 40 degrees Celsius. So what were the poor Chinese people to do, under these circumstances? Find a place to cool of, of course, and what’s better than a swim at the local swimming pool, right? Well, that’s just not the case for the people of Nanjing, who barely had enough room to tread water at this over-crowded swimming pool. The Daily Mail thinks this might just be the most crowded swimming pool in the world and I tend to agree. But then again, what do you expect in a country with a population of over one billion

If you watch the news from time to time, then you know that an oil drilling platform has just recently exploded 50 miles off the Louisiana coasts.
126 workers were aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig when it blew up. 100 workers made it to the supply boats but 11 are still missing, seventeen were injured, four of them critically.
They still don’t know for sure what is at the source of the incident, the investigation is still going on…
Those pictures are very impressive, look at the size of the flames and how big the smoke cloud is! A lot of work for the fireboats and coast guards and a lot of pain and sadness for the families directly concerned by the accident…

Синее Ведерко (43 фотографии), photo:1

Britney Spears (6 фотографий HQ), photo:2

Необычная реклама (9 фотографий), photo:1

The largest Banana Collection in this Banana Club

This bulky machine constructed by one enthusiast retiree from the Russian city of Kirov is powered by the old Yamaha motorcycle engine and is entirely made of scrap. Fiberglass seat was formerly a part of a small carousel, gear shift lever was a part of an unidentified old Coca-Cola souvenir. The front skies are covered with fluoroplastic, a material with extremely low friction factor. The main distinctive feature of this snowmobile is a big wheel instead of a regular for such kind of transport rubber heavy caterpillar made of metal and rubber. For this reason this monster is very light which allows it to drive on fresh crumbly snow.

Very good picture creative with smoke

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