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Parrot in a Chocolate Coating
Prepare a parrot in a chocolate coating is very easy: you need a parrot, a fountain of chocolate icing and all. Cooking meals will be on their own.

Amazing Design Calendars
Belarus once again confirms its status as a world center design calendars.

Amazing Art 2012

Game Half Life
Remember the monsters that are fun on the ceiling of the game Half Life?They have ever come across in the most unwanted time :)So, one guy decided to make a lamp with an accuracy of copying a monster.Cool out, but I would not risk a hang in the bedroom.

Amazing Love Story
In China, a romantic young man decided to conquer the heart of the girl unique clothes from the 9999 red roses! After a lucky girl tried on clothes, he is a true prince, offered her hand and heart!

Amazing Pictures
Each of his works, which are assembled in this collection, will carry you into a fairy tale, where the paintings come to life.It's great

Illusion in the Elevator
Artist Andrew Walker has recently shocked the visitors of the shopping center.Painfully realistic hole in the floor of the elevator he turned out.

Werewolves Sisters
Reporters tracked down in India, a unique family - three sisters suffering from "werewolf syndrome", or hypertrichosis. Sisters werewolves - 23-year-old Savita, 18-year-old Monisha and 16-year-old Savitri Sangli live in a small village near Pune in central India. Hypertrichosis they had inherited from his father.

Chocolate Cups for Ice Cream
The most unique Chocolate Cups for Ice Cream.

Strange Art Project
The Japanese never cease to fascinate me, unusual contemporary art. The famous artist Yayu Kusama in Tokyo recently celebrated her 82nd birthday and thought over his past life, infinity and other important concepts in his old age. The result was thought very strange art project, which is a room called the "Mirror of Infinity, Glitter Filled Life."

Unusual Creative Art

Ideal Bookstores
And yet, despite the rapid development of high technology in publishing, paper books are our readers, customers and advocates. A fanatstvuyuschie owners of bookstores are struggling to make it more interesting, more beautiful and impressive.

Amazing Pocket House
This house is made of metallized polyester, which reacts to heat.He immediately begins to unfold,when it is taken out of his pocket and begin to unpack.Excellent shelter for those who like to relax in nature.

Motorbike Festival 2012
These days in Bangkok is a 4-rty Motorbike Festival. Today is the last day of the event, so if you are interested, he can have time to go.Everything happens in a shopping mall Central World, where you can see the new motor of the world and motorcycles from private collections.

Creative Sea Shells
Beautiful seashells.

Celebs Who Own Sports Teams
Celebs Who Own Sports Teams, What do you get when a sports superfan scores a movie star-level paycheck? You get a team owner -- or at least a majority shareholder. Check out which celebs have put some serious dough behind a sports team.

Creative Digital Painting
Our regular reader, Helen Kolli of the city of Tallinn, has sent her work. It deals with digital painting and also illustrates books.

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