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Celebs Who Own Sports Teams
Celebs Who Own Sports Teams, What do you get when a sports superfan scores a movie star-level paycheck? You get a team owner -- or at least a majority shareholder. Check out which celebs have put some serious dough behind a sports team.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
They may be moving their separate ways, marriage-wise, but these two are still business partners in several other ways. Among their shared financial interests is a sports team... and it happens to be one that several other celebs also root for. jennifer lopez marc anthony miami dolphins, celebrities who own the miami dolphins, jennifer lopez caspar,
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett
A supercouple of this magnitude gets to buy pretty much whatever they want, so it shouldn't surprise you that these two are owners of a sports team. will smith jada pinkett own philadelphia 76ers, willow smith new album,
He's progressed from a hit-maker to a music industry whiz to an all-over entrepreneur, so it's natural that Jay-Z would add a sports team to his personal portfolio. jay-z new jersey nets, jay-z paying $4.5 million for nets, jay-z giving up the b word,
The Maloofs
Reality TV fans know Adrienne Maloof for her starring role on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but the family name was already familiar to sports fans. adrienne maloof sacramento kings, adrienne maloof season three, maloof fortune beer,
Once you've reached a certain point in your music career, ownership of a major sports team is a status symbol. And Usher would like you to know that he has reached that point in his career. +usher owns cleveland cavaliers,
The Maras
Now here's a strange case: Sisters Rooney Mara ("The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo") and Kate Mara ("American Horror Story") have a legacy of sports team ownership on both sides of their family. mara family new york giants, rooney family pittsburgh steelers,
Jon Bon Jovi
He's known for being a rocker who can also act, but did you know that Bon Jovi also has a history as the owner of a sports team? In fact, he was the primary owner until 2010, when he decided to focus on other pursuits. jon bon jovi philadelphia soul, jon bon jovi atlanta falcons,
Patrick Dempsey
What makes this "Grey's Anatomy" star stand out from the rest of sports team-owning celebs on this list is that he actually participates in the team he owns. Take that, people cheering from the sidelines. patrick dempsey vision racing indy car series,
Michelle Williams
The singer has diversified her portfolio since her Destiny's Child days, and one of her more surprising ventures is becoming a partial owner of a certain sports team -- and alongside her former manager, Mathew Knowles, no less. michelle williams owns the WNBA team chicago sky, michelle williams blue ivy carter,
Tim McGraw
Before he was a country music superstar, McGraw was an athlete. And he managed to hold on to the old days by partially owning a sports team. That's why the team would play McGraw's hit "I Like It, I Love It" whenever it scored. tim mcgraw nashville kats,
Elton John
And you thought Elton John was all bedazzled eyewear and designer sweatsuits. Nope, he has a different side that you don't often see in concert: that of a sports fan. In fact, he's an honorary president of a team. +elton john owner watford soccer club, elton john madonna feud,
Nick Lachey
Should it surprise you that Lachey is a sports nut? Until early 2011, Nick Lachey claimed one-third ownership of a certain Minor League team affiliated with a better known Major League organization. nick lachey tacoma rainiers, nick lachey hollywood fame basketball,
Russell Crowe
He's a man's man, as they say, and he loves sports enough to put a personal stake in it. The thing is, the team with which he's associated doesn't have the manliest name. russell crow south sydney rabbitohs, russell crowe lost weight
Drew Carey
If you were a fan of Carey's sitcom, you'd know he's a Cleveland boy. However, the team he owns hails from a different city... and it's not a particularly Ohio-ish sport, either. drew carey owns seattle sounders soccer team, drew carey wwe hall of fame, win tickets to the price is right,
David Letterman
He's a sports fan, but he didn't pick a typical sport to invest in. No, he instead went for something a little flashier and a little louder. And he's found some success in this little side project. david letterman owns rahal-letterman racing, rahal letterman wins 2004 indy 500,
Bill Murray
He's known for his quirky sense of humor, and the roster of teams Bill Murray owns is suitably offbeat. Surely, he could afford a Major League team, but he tends toward smaller Minor League teams. bill murray owns st. paul saints, bill murray owns minor league teams, bill murray ghost busters 3,
Burt Reynolds
Here's a good one: Reynolds invested in a team because it was named after one of his most famous movies. The alternative sports league in which the team existed folded long ago, but it's a neat little footnote in Reynolds' career. burt reynolds owned tampa bay bandits, united states football league,
Yet another rap star whose influence has extended to the sports realm, Nelly followed in Jay-Z's footsteps and bought a share of a major sports team in 2009. Since then, however, the team has been purchased by one of the sport's greatest players. nelly owned charlotte bobcats, michael jordan owns charlotte bobcats, nelly owns apple bottoms,
Oscar de la Hoya
He's a legend in the boxing world, but it's not his fist-related feats that got him in this gallery. No, in 2008, de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions purchased a share of the ownership of a different sort of athletic team. oscar de la hoya owns houston dynamo soccer team, oscar de la hoya sued by playboy model,
George W. Bush
Sure, ol' Dubya was a cheerleader back in his college days, but it wasn't a pro cheerleading team that he put his money behind. And because it's Dubya, you'd better believe there's controversy surrounding it. george w. bush texas rangers insider trading scandal, george w. bush owned texas rangers,
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