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Funny Faces Of Figure Skaters
Action pictures from the European Figure Skating Championships in Sheffield.

Medical Care for Chimps
Recently visited the chimpanzee veterinarians - animal removed the loose and damaged teeth, and sewed up a few wounds on the back. Wounds, apparently, she has received from the aggressive male-counterparts. The situation is complicated is that the female chimps - the best of intentions - thrust into the wound tufts of grass in order to help Little Mama. But the vet was clean and sew up the wound the animal.

These are Model Ki
And my friend has a hobby ...

Largest Horns in the World
It is difficult to imagine how difficult it has to the owner of the horn. At first glance it seems that they are not true and this does not happen in nature, and why they do not outweigh when he bends down to eat grass? And a lot of other issues related to the life of the animal.

Girls in India with Fashion
 Suresh Nataradzhan - a leading advertising and fashion photographer in India. Taught himself photography and does not believe that it is possible for someone to teach, if a man has no talent.

The Paradoxical Design
Frenchwoman Susie Lelivr works in an unusual genre, creating a paradoxical objects in the most diverse subjects. A distinctive feature of her work is to make ordinary things paradoxically an unusual shape. For everyday use, it works no good, but has successfully exhibited throughout the world on the art exhibitions of contemporary art. Creative and useless, as it often happens today in the tradition of "art for art's sake." Dragged to his collection of oddities, so very unusual work.

Amazing Dream Car
 This car - a real dream for any fan of the game of billiards.After using it to play the game can be absolutely anywhere.

Burns from Liquid Nitrogen
Here's what to bring non-compliance with safety rules when working with liquid nitrogen.

Hunter in a wheelchair
This guy was in a car accident in 1998 and since then was confined to a wheelchair. Despite this, he continues to live a full life, working full time at an Internet company and does not change his hobby - hunting. Hunting, he goes on a modified chair that is somewhat reminiscent of a quadrillion.

Usual Entrance Panel House
The usual entrance panel house, decorated by unknown craftsmen in the style of Super Mario. Wow did it! The main thing is when you climb stairs, do not start collecting coins:)

Hello Kitty Restaurant
The famous Japanese cat with a bow in her hair, now a symbol of a new Chinese restaurant. The first Hello Kitty-themed restaurant in Beijing recently opened its doors to all the pink lovers that cat Bobtail. Tablecloths are pink, place Kitty-shaped, and even the waitresses are dressed in pink dresses.

Milestone Birthdays In 2012
Milestone Birthdays In 2012, +2012 Milestone Celebrity Birthdays, Whether they're hitting that mid-life marker or enjoying their first drink (legally), these big names have some significant celebrating to do this year. Anne Hathaway hits the big 3-0, Tom Cruise turns 50 and Barbra Streisand will blow out 70 candles this year.

Amazing Bad Barbie
Barbie lost her mind.

Ice-Fishing in Sweden
Some people, such as for example, my uncle, are not now in anticipation of snow, like me, and in anticipation of ice on rivers and lakes! It's the most essential attribute for such activities as ice fishing. The lake beneath the ice, high chair, bucket, fishing rod and some thing that can be drilled, this is the ice - that's all that Russian fishermen need, but maybe it's just because they've never seen that is a winter fishing in Sweden?

Exhibition Snowmen 2011-2012
While the authors do not sign papers to avoid bias and bias opinions! Let's take each snowman as self-sufficient work of art, apart from the personality of the creator. However, all visitors can try to guess where someone.

Unusual Snowmen
 Do you have snow blinded her man? Incidentally, the snowmen are very different and unusual. They do not have to consist of three lumps of snow and carrots, they can even sculpt on the shore of the warm sea, see for yourself!

Amazing Art
The new book is a selection of three-dimensional street illusions by Kurt Wenner, a former employee of NASA, which uses mathematical skills to create three-dimensional illusions on sidewalks around the world. When looking at the correct angle it seems that the people standing on them, flying in the air, and in situ concrete can look like a bottomless pit. Kurt perfected his technique in 1982.

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