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The Huge Yellow Bunny 2011
This sculpture is a large yellow rabbit in the street is a small town in Sweden.She decorates the area and encouraged passers-by.Rabbit found there in the coming weeks after art.

U.S. National debt. Part 2
I want to show you visually U.S. national debt.Very interesting to see how much is in quantitative terms.

Your child loves to run the paper airplanes? Or maybe you yourself sometimes can not help but run itself? :) Then you can please him or herself that's such an interesting thing called PowerUp. PowerUp - it is nothing like miniayutyurny motor and propeller, able to turn an ordinary paper airplane into something much more cool. Because now your paper airplane will not fall, flying only a couple of meters and be able to fly as much as 1.5 minutes after the entire 20-second charge. Comes with a tiny motor and propeller, joined by a thin needle carboxylic and charger. Paper airplane itself, of course, is not included. Cost is the pleasure of 17.5 dollars.

How to Impress a Girl
Want to give your girlfriend a bouquet of flowers?Then this post is for you.

Tropical island on a Personal Yacht
Chic & Shipping has always been a measure of the status of its owner.I suggest you look at this amazing yacht, designed as a personal tropical island.On this boat has everything you need for your comfort - pool bar, spa, luxury apartments and so on.Its length is 90 meters and maximum speed - 15 knots.

Philosopher's Picture story with Elements of Sex
One question to the readers of my magazine - "How often do you see sexual overtones in the usual things?"A strange beginning is not it?I suggest you heed the report in some degree of sex. Rather about the look of a sculptor in ordinary things in our lives in terms of natural, carnal start.Sex - is what creates life. Nature is full of sex, and if desired it can be seen almost everywhere.

The Struggle for life with a Probability of one Percent
19-year-old Derek Thomas, returning home from a ski resort, got in a car accident.When he was taken to hospital where doctors said his chance of survival - only 1%.Third-degree burns covered 85% of his body - face, neck, back, arms, abdomen, chest and legs, all burnt.But Derek did not give up and began to fight.

Championship on Dzhigits 2011
While the center of Moscow race cars raced F1 in Moscow in the equestrian club "Creator" competition took place on an extreme ride on horseback.

Dolls for Fans of the Movie 'Harry Potter'
These dolls are designed for fans of "Harry Potter".They show how the characters in the film looked like in its infancy.Fear, I would not buy this to her child.
Sirius Snape

Most Interesting jewelry
Girls, would you have bought something like that?

The unusual Bee contest in China
Chinese farmer Wang Dalin has won an amazing contest, in which participants have to land as many bees.42-making beekeeper reached the final of an unusual and unsafe "bee" contest in Shaoyange,
Hunan Province, China, with twenty years of farmer Lee Kongdzyangom

Zombie Parade in Sydney 2011
 Each year in Sydney (Australia) is a zombie parade. The event brings dozens of people who wear scary costumes and make-up zombies. Participants in the parade are terrorizing the streets of Melbourne, scaring passers-by. And the costumes and Grimm them look very realistic, and perhaps even more realistic than in many films.

Hurricanes from Space
Amazing photos of hurricanes, photographed from space.

The Biggest Babies ever Born in the World
When the mother says the baby weighs 3.5 kg, all the friends say - hero. But these are trifles, compared with an 8-pound karapuzov. Today I'll show you the biggest babies ever born.Muhammad Akbar Risuddin - the biggest ever recorded birth - born in 2009 in Sumatra. Child's weight - 8.7 kg.

How Celebrities behave in Public
Some celebrities are behaving in public exactly the same in different situations, and even their facial expressions never change.

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