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The Largest House of Cards
Tireless American Bryan Berg spent 44 days out, to lay out playing cards the biggest house of cards - the layout of the largest casinos in Macau, China. biggest "house of cards" was built in the Macao Special Administrative Region  in China,which is also considered the largest hotel complex in the world.An architect by training, Berg did not use the card to create a record or tape constructions, no glue.Copy of the Venice Card Casino Macau is 10.6 meters in length, 3 meters in height and weighs 272 kg.For the manufacture of models have been used 218,792 playing cards or a deck 4051.

Alleged Concealment of Hitler 
Despite the fact that there is a common version of the death of Adolf Hitler
U.S. intelligence officials have been another option.According to them, Hitler was left in the bunker in his place his double, and he disappeared.Based on this, the 40s have been printed several options for changing the appearance of the Fuhrer.Personally, I am in these pictures failed to recognize Hitler.

Graduation Among Sites
Internet so closely and strongly holds our attention and time that can be compared with a girl. But let's imagine that popular sites are the girls who are going to the prom. As they dressed him?

Championships in Bearded 
On Saturday, April 21, in Germany, in Bad Schussenried at the International German Championship 163 bearded men met the media beard. "So many players we've ever seen" - said Wolfgang Styria, the organizer and first president of the club Hefenskogo bearded and long-horned beetles.

Supermodels who have Achieved Success in Business
In the past 2011 the famous Heidi Klum presented in Los Angeles, her new perfume. Thirteen years cooperated with the beautiful Victoria's Secret, producing underwear. In 2010 she gave up the wings of an angel, in whose image appeared before fans on the cover of Sports Illustrated.But her activism did not end there. Heidi has a few shows. At the same time as the leading makes and receives a share of the income of those models that were found through the show. In the scope of its business interests include anti-aging tool firm In an Instant, jewelry line for mothers and pregnant Loved and Lavish and all sorts of gadgets that enterprising Beauty sells through its Web site. In 2010 Heidi and New Balance have released a joint line of sportswear. At the same time Heidi Klum is beautiful mother of four wonderful children!

Rooms with Secrets
Chamber of Secrets - a great way to hide something or someone from prying eyes.
Would you like to own this? Also watch the first part.

Experiment with Egg
Did you know that if you put an egg in vinegar for two days, the egg shell will dissolve and become elastic. Under the influence of calcium the vinegar that makes up the shell dissolves and disappears in the form of gas bubbles. It turns out fun egg that looks like jelly. If you put the experiment on boiled egg, it becomes elastic like a rubber ball.

Soviet Engineers and Games
Long time we have had nothing from the category of "nostalgic".That's correct this misunderstanding) Friends and what you had set?

Mist Of Gold

Mist Of Gold, The name “Golden Gate” holds an important connotation in the Bay Area as a reference point for the region, and is attached to the bridge that spans the strait, a large park in San Francisco, and other local establishments. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay onto the Pacific Ocean. The Golden Gate Bridge had the longest suspension bridge span in the world when it was completed in 1937 and has become an internationally recognized symbol of San Francisco and California.

The Most Expensive Cars in 2012
Every car owner wants his "iron horse" as a powerful and high-quality, according to its value. And today we'll show you what a worthwhile endeavor - the top ten most expensive and powerful cars of 2012.

The April Font
7 April the 97th Archbishop of York John Sentamu, despite the cool weather, according to tradition, was baptized converts. Ritual immersion in the baptismal font were adults and children.

Amazing Patterns of Nature: Water
 We selected for you the most amazing photos of the stunning designs, which gives wildlife. The current issue focuses on the water.

Palace Bottle 2012
Eight thousand bottles of champagne and 20 years of his life took Zaporozhets Vladimir Syse,to build a two-story palace on his summer cottage.

Original Gifts
With it he makes a unique metal souvenirs.When it works, the course is every detail, from small nuts to a small bolt.

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