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In Volgograd hosted an amazing parade of baby carriages in honor of Children's Day. Great action, creative parents, and the mass of merry mood.

Consequences of jealousy of a girl. She decided that an unknown car that was parked near the home of her boyfriend - a mistress. Beating and scratches the car, pleased with herself, she went to incriminate the wrong guy and was very surprised that no lover, and have a friend who came to the car his wife discuss some issues. Now, Wild Turkey girlfriend with the police.

In Colorado, based on the U.S. Air Force Academy were unprecedented competition for the soldiers.
Former employees, wounded, disabled soldiers took part in sports competitions in volleyball, basketball, running, race walking, throwing the nucleus and archery

The Swedes are very fond of her King Charles. So they try to do everything possible so that it does not look bored at least in photographs. With the help of Photoshop, of course.

The Dutch Remembrance Day turned a traditional ceremony of remembrance in Amsterdam into panic. It was caused by a man who was screaming in the crowd of thousands during the 2 minutes’ silence. Panic rose quickly, people were hurt in the ensuing chaos. The man says he is sorry that 63 people were injured. According to his lawyer, he was drunk. That’s it. A drunkard screamed, and the whole crowd thought there had been some kind of attack.

1st, May to 30th, September is the period of the international festival of sand sculpture in Moscow. Check out the awesome creations that unfortunately won’t stay long.

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