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Hand-Made Transformer
Chinese man spent all his spare time for the creation of this transformer The robot is made by 90 percent of aluminum, copper is also present, but the ration was not used, all connections are threaded. This piece of iron is completely mobile, can take any position. Most interesting is that this robot can transform into a plane.Use your spear time wisely.

Tuning Show 2011
You know, I do not like tuning. Not because against individuality. Its something like again, I appreciate it. Just annoys me a lot of bad taste and the idiots involved in the process of development and consumption.
However, in the U.S. there is such a thing as custom items. In fact, it is not even tuning. Cars do not just improve their rework, and sometimes - almost any manufactured from scratch.

Studio Movie about Harry Potter
The story of Harry Potter and his adventures came to an end.But I'm sure that fans of the young magician does not want to leave it.And so in England in 2012, will open for a tour studio, where he created all of the film about a school of magic, which amazed the world.

The Owner of the Biggest Feet in UK
This guy called Carl Griffiths, his 19 years,and he has the biggest feet in size in Britain.Imagine his 63rd shoe size.He probably will have a lifetime to make shoes to order.

The American School Student Fashion

Compare People and Animals
Compare photos of people and animals.

Military Miniatures
Excellent miniature figures of soldiers.Every detail is worked out with great precision.There is something to see, very interesting.


Hand made Zipper
Here is a guy who has managed to tame the lightning.More precisely, he did it in the home of two copper coils.

 In Mumbai, there is such a profession - piper.This man, who must exterminate rodents on the streets.He is obliged to take one shift 30 carcasses of rats that receive a fee of U.S. $ 3.If the employee fails to pass such a quantity, he must make up the next day,and if no luck again, he rob the daily wage.

Extreme Camping in Germany
If you are tired of the monotonous nature activities, feel free to go to Bavaria, Germany, which offers a remarkably impressive, extreme exercise. In Waldseilgarten guests can sleep on his own platform, located a few meters above the ground, well, or, in extreme cases - the abyss! Why not, yet some diversity in the campaigns in the mountains or woods.

Boy with Half a Head
 Ho Guozhu (Hou Guozhu) was born in the Chinese province of Shandong in 2000 and grew up quite healthy boy like his twin brother. However, by the age of 3 he began to periodic spasms of left limbs. Ho's parents have traveled with him all the local hospitals, but never been able to help them. In 2006 his father took the boy in the Beijing Institute of Brain Sunbeam (Sanbo Brain Institute), where he was diagnosed - Rasmussen encephalitis - a rare inflammatory disease of the brain.

Dogs Playing in the Leaves
Dogs love the autumn, it's so fun to play and frolic in the leaves:

Most Awesome Storybook
Some storybooks are dreadfully boring, but others make a statement that resonates with kids and adults alike. Check out this story about a big bear who can’t find his hat.

Master Liu Bolin Disappearance
Chinese artist Liu Bolin is also known as Vanishing Artist and looking at his work, you can easily understand why he has earned a nickname.

The Amber Room in Riga
In the first half of November was held in Tokyo International Exhibition of robots, which were presented to prospective and current development patterns of industrial robotics, consumer and scientific spheres. It turned out that the interest in robots I have maintained for several years - in Novosibirsk, I've been collecting robots and write programs for them.

Collection of Unusual Lenses

Miracle of the Beast
 Car craftsman, a resident of Countryside Lake, Iron Bison collected from car parts. Name of the craftsman Roma, it nearly three months in landfills collect the necessary materials. Weight is approximately one ton bison ...

The Many Faces of Lady Gaga
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by her stage name, Lady Gaga, is an American singer and songwriter. The winner of 5 Grammy awards, 13 awards VMA, eight EMA awards, three VMAJ awards, two awards MMVA, Emmy Awards, performing dance-pop music, which combines the influence of glam rock, disco, electro, R & B, Madonna, Michael Jackson. Her debut album The Fame (2008) became an international hit.The single from it "Just Dance" in the summer of 2008 led the hit parade in U.S. and Canada, on January 11, 2009 went to the 1st place in the UK. As of May 2011 sales of Lady Gaga's singles exceeded 69 million, and the album - 22 million.

Iron Most Versatile Device
Ride with it you can do so much useful things around the house.An experienced host and hostess should know that can be ironed to make.

How to Create 3D Picture
 We have already seen the volume figures.For example: beautiful pictures on the pavement  Cool pictures on the pavement .But I'm not showing you how they are created.Let's fix this error and have a look at how to create a 3D masterpiece on the asphalt.

Victims Master of Fantasy
In continuation of yesterday's post with a poodle-horse is an entire collection of the animals.

Amazing Work Childishness
I suggest you look at the positive selection of photographs of children for whom need constant care.
These kids should not be left alone for a second:)

Amazing X-ray Embroidery
 The artist from Philadelphia, Matthew Cox  has created a series of works that combine medical X-ray and embroidery. The artist took the radiographs and embroidered them with the proposed content partially skeletal elements. It turned sinister and intriguing.

Creative Pillows

World's largest gold coin minted

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World's largest gold coin minted
World's largest gold coin minted, Pining for something ridiculously expensive? Perhaps a blinged up iPad 2 or a posh camper? There's a single coin that can afford all those…and more. The world's largest gold coin was recently unveiled by the The Perth Mint in Australia to mark the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Weighing an astounding one ton (or 2204 lbs.), it is enormous not only in size, but also in value; the coin's value tops $57.34 million based on current gold prices.

Science Night in Hamburg
 Each year, held in Hamburg Night of Science. October 29th, all the academies, research institutes, hospitals and other institutions of the city, related to science, opened its doors to the public until 12 at night.

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