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People dressed in Santa Claus costumes leave the annual meeting of participants of a university rent-a-Santa Claus service in Berlin November 27, 2010. Some 100 people in Santa Claus and fairy costumes met on Saturday in Berlin for a general meeting to launch the annual Student Union charitable Santa Claus rental campaign.

 Roadside Restaurants in USA

 Thai Massage has some strange and unique actions

Barkitecture 2010 Shows Off Stylish Dog Houses

Barkitecture is an Austin, Texas-based charity event that showcases some of the best dog houses from designers and architects. The event raises money for animal rescue groups by auctioning off the houses on display. Whatever is left is still available for purchase through their website.

A Collection of beautifully created lunch.

Life on mirth! Who said animals don't have a sense of humour?
Sometimes you just have to see the funny side of life - and these animals certainly do.
Following the example of the ‘happypotamus’ featured in the Mail recently, there are lots of other creatures which also boast a funny bone.
Amazingly, scientists believe chimps, dogs and even rats are capable of laughter - and that the ability to laugh came before speech in humans.
From delighted dolphins to amused apes, something’s certainly put a smile on these animals’ faces...

Penguins dressed in Santa Claus costumes parade during a promotional event at the Everland amusement park in Yongin, south of Seoul.

 Indian artist Harwinder Singh Gill presents a miniature diya (lamp) balanced on his thumb in Amritsar on the eve of Diwali
 High wire artist Freddy Nock walks on a hire wire between a castle and a church in Thun, Switzerland
 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton receives a traditional Maori greeting as she arrives at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand
 A Lego model of a frog dissection created by Dave Kaleta, a kindergarten teacher from Chicago. He created the anatomically correct specimen as part of a competition in which he was just given the brief 'Lego anatomy'. He said: "I had a couple of different ideas that involved Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson, but that was already taken by another competitor, so decided that dissecting a frog was a more universal experience that lots of people could relate to"...

...It took Dave seven hours to build the frog over three days. He says "I went up to the science department to see if they had a model I could look at, but they didn't, so I culled image reference from online. I have no idea how many pieces are included, but it's probably between 1000-2000"

 A street performer in Wuhan, China, has been criticised for teaching his monkeys to smoke. As the conclusion to his animal act the man gives each of his monkeys a cigarette. Although he admitted that the animals didn't like to smoke, he insisted that it does them no harm
 Fan Sijia, an obese two-year-old girl who weighs as much as adult woman, plays with a neighbourhood boy who is about the same age as her in Taocun town, Shanxi province, China. She was born in January 2008 and now weighs 45 kilograms
 German artist Frank Bolter floats a paper boat called To The World's End. The origami paper boat which was folded at Canary Wharf was then sailed on the nearby Thames as part of the Drift10 biennial art exhibition
 A 102-year-old pensioner from Xiaoshan in eastern China's Zhejiang Province is in such good shape that he is able to do push-ups using only one hand. Shi Xiaochun used to be a postman in the town. Shi's life is quite disciplined. "My father loves meat, fruit and tea. He never touched cigarettes or alcohol," his daughter said. Each day Shi continues to trains himself at home, practising a set of Tai Chi-like exercises that he created himself
 Members of the Edenbridge Bonfire Society erect their Celebrity Guy in Edenbridge, Kent. This year they have chosen Wayne Rooney for the town's bonfire night display on Saturday
 A replica of the upper section of the fourth funnel of the Titanic is towed along the river Thames towards Canary Wharf in London. The replica funnel has been created to launch a new exhibition of artefacts recovered from the wreck of the Titanic cruise liner which sunk in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912. The exhibition is held in the O2 Bubble and is open to the public from November 5, 2010 till May 31, 2011
 Tom Cruise performs a stunt at the 2,717 feet tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, for his new movie Mission Impossible 4. The stunt is thought to involve Tom jumping over another actor during a chase around the exterior of the huge building. The scene was being filmed at the Observation Deck level which is 124 floors up. A helicopter just ten feet away from the building was used by the film crew to get close to the action
 A scale model of St Paul's Cathedral made out of used train tickets is pictured on the Millennium Bridge in London. Artist Robert Bradford created models of several British landmarks (Blackpool Tower, St Paul's and Edinburgh Castle) using a total of 115,000 used train tickets, representing the 115,000 cheap advance tickets sold each day
 People ride a motorcycle while volcanic ash falls in Magelang, Indonesia, as Mount Merapi erupts
A view from a domestic flight from Denpasar to Yogyakarta that was subsequently diverted to Surabaya airport shows a plume of gas and ash billowing some 10 km (six miles) high from the Mount Merapi volcano. Indonesia's most active volcano Merapi, located in Central Java province, is a sacred landmark in Javanese culture whose name translates as "Mountain of Fire"
 Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy completes two aerial loops using just his custom-made jet-propelled wingsuit. Rossy, 51, launched himself from a hot air balloon at an altitude of 7,874 feet (2,400 metres) near Lake Geneva. Then he fired up the jets on his new, smaller and sleeker, wingsuit to perform the loopings before landing safely with a parachute

Creative miniature firearms that are fully functional. Most of his creations are done at 1/4 scale size and include guns, rifles and swords. The miniature firearms are created from raw materials which are reduced in size by using a precision lathe or a milling machine.

The men behind these Halo costumes must be the biggest fans of the game on the face of this earth. Not only are these costumes painstakingly detailed, they took three years to complete—if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

PKG Laptop Cases Welcome the Chilly Holiday Season with Wool
PKG (pronounced “package”) is making the holiday season a little more warm and fuzzy with their wool PKG laptop cases.
Coming in various colors—including the holiday favorites of red and green—these PKG laptop cases make great stocking stuffers for someone who wants their laptop to be as snuggly in the cold winter months as possible. Not only do these wool cases protect your computer, they make it look sizzling too.

Amazing how some hairstyle can change the landscape of pop culture.
Even more amazing is how some hairstyle seems to defy gravity and laws of Physics.
What is over the top amazing is how an entire industry depends on it. Seriously, it’s a $2B industry. So, do this country a favor, get that hair styled.

 1. Elvis Presley

Crossing The River with a Bamboo in China

 Red light district in South Korea

The Gulfstream III Includes a 42-Inch HD LCD Screen
If you love in-flight movies, then you’ll fall in love with the new Gulfstream III and its brand new 42-inch HD LCD screen! This isn’t just a regular TV folks, no, this TV bad boy is the largest electronic installation in all of the Gulfstream aircrafts.
Reported as being owned by an anonymous Hollywood movie producer and director, the Gulfstream III was thus designed so the pair could screen movies while in flight. This killer Gulfstream III system also includes multiple blu-ray disc players and of course, satellite TV.

Miss USA and Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills (2nd L), first runner-up Miss Botswana Emma Wareus (L) and runner-up Miss Venezuela Adriana Vasini (3rd L) celebrate at the end of the 60th Miss World pageant in Sanya, on the Chinese island of Hainan October 30, 2010.

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