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The flavors included frozen coke, water, blackcurrant, and cherry

Phil Poynter Takes Intricate and Dynamic Photos 

Phil Poynter has photographed some famous celebrities, but these images of models doing what they do best take the cake. The models are elegant and sultry, making Poynter’s job easy to handle.
The photographs themselves range from sexy beach shots to a model covered in wacky feathered clothing. Phil Poynter has the ability to capture the moment and tell a story from a split-second click of the shutter—that’s true photography talent.


Mad Tea Sets

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The place called Matamata, New Zealand, has been chosen director Peter Jackson to film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". This is where the fantasy was Shire, which was inhabited by Hobbits. After filming the scenery are submitted to attract tourists, but judging from photographs, they are not a lot.

Completely Wooden Car, Body and frame of this car made entirely of wood

Creative 3D Pictures

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Kung Fu Birds

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