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With or Without Make-up

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It's hard to name the bridge, but somehow or other similar words, he is considered the most dangerous in the world, located in northern Pakistan. Over time, many details were destroyed, perhaps someone could make out, look at this bridge is terrible, but really say nothing at all about walking.

The creative artists often pursue simple things yet they make mark. One such artist is Reanimatr – art director, motion designer and 3D animator. And added here is a stop motion video from him which is done while taking the image of a lorry and animating it in After Effects to a Blur vs. The Prodigy song. Check out the video to find out this simple yet cool lorry that will brighten up your night.

projection animation test from reanimatr on Vimeo.

This stickers are just something which will soon catch your eye. The secret of good advertise is not always in spending to much money, but the ability to offer to people something which they didn’t see before and something which is catchy and memorable. This stickers are pretty cool way to seal the product!

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