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Unique Specially Trained Dog
But it is true that a dog - man's best friend.For people with disabilities are specially trained dogs are an integral part of life,because they greatly simplify the lives of their owners.

Tanks - Shelter for Fish
In Thailand, is thrown into tanks of water to fishes was a place to live and they did not die from a lack of homes.

Portraits of Wine Corks
Gundersen Scott works with unusual materials for writing his paintings. If someone throws a wine cork, he collects them all, then to create the perfect portrait.

Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos - illustrator from Chile, draws a vivid and memorable characters that are of interest

For the Little Monsters
Two Danish architects have decided to take revenge on gay kids.Enough, they said, surrounded by young people friendly colored objects, causing bouts of emotion and color disability in others. Little monsters to surround the harsh reality and the screaming horror of everyday life, the same as those that surround us, the sad weary adults, every day from morning to night, week after week, year after year.

Coffee Grounds
Spanish designer Raul Lowry has created lamps out of recycled coffee grounds.His lamp with an unusual name  already occupy the first place and to receive the award at the Salone Satellite 2012 Design Week in Milan.

Playing with Chalk

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