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The Sagittarius Gallery Etsy shop owner Aja is an amazing artist who creates brilliantly vivid original impasto oil paintings. The bright paintings feature beautiful city landscapes, tasteful nudes and scenes from nature.
I simply adore the picture featuring the Eiffel Tower. If you want to brighten up your living space with a superb painting, the colorful impasto oil paintings can be purchased from the Sagittarius Gallery.

 When it comes to innovative and imaginative architecture, nobody comes close to matching the creative minds behind Copenhagen’s own BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). Whether it’s a library designed to look like an infinite loop or a power plant converted into a ski slope, BIG’s designs truly reflect out-of-the-box thinking.
This Top List is filled with tons of innovative BIG designs compiled from Trend Hunter’s archives of design trends. You may never look at mountains the same way again after seeing BIG’s man-made mountain ridges. I know I can’t wait to see Copenhagen’s first mosque, designed by BIG, when it opens.

 Thinking about unusual and interesting wallpaper to decorate your walls. a wide selection of great works of art - photographs and illustrations that can be used as photo-wallpaper. Prices start at $ 230, depending on size. To choose from different styles of photos to your tastes - historical ruins, breathtaking ocean views, funny little creatures, space themes, urban landscapes, flowers and even the American flag. Moreover, you can order the wallpaper of your favorite photos or illustrations.  

Interesting Gadgets
Huge selection of cool, useful, strange and pointless gizmos.

Brazilian Crab Catcher
Brazilian Crab Catcher. Meet a Brazilian Jose Benedito, who makes his living catching and selling crabs. Every day he comes to catch them in this place, because here water Amazonian meet the Atlantic Ocean, and especially a lot of crabs here. The daily catch is about 150 crabs, and Jose sells them to the nearest highway to 11 dollars for 100 pieces.

 Series of creative benches in unusual places by Israeli designer Itay Ohaly.Elevated urban furniture will provide a different perspective of the public space through a detached experience within the city

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Beautiful Pictures of  White Desert EGYPT

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These Super Mario Bros. Manicures Make Gaming Awkward

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