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Amazing how some hairstyle can change the landscape of pop culture.
Even more amazing is how some hairstyle seems to defy gravity and laws of Physics.
What is over the top amazing is how an entire industry depends on it. Seriously, it’s a $2B industry. So, do this country a favor, get that hair styled.

 1. Elvis Presley

Pop Culture Impact: Hairstyle Messiah. From then on, any hairstyle is possible.

How To Achieve This Look: You either have it or you don’t.

2. The Beatles

Pop Culture Impact: It created a separate gaddam culture!

How To Achieve This Look: Grow your hair considerably. Cut the… go to a salon.

3. Jeniffer Aniston

Pop Culture Impact: Every girl wanted to be her, every boy wanted her.

How To Achieve This Look: Rebond or iron your hair.

4. Justine Bieber

Pop Culture Impact: Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is fuckin’ possible.

How To Achieve This Look: Don’t, you will regret it.

5. Farah Fawcett tie with Mr. T

Farah Fawcett

Pop Culture Impact: Quintessential woman of power. Glamorous and

How To Achieve This Look: Go to a salon. How the hell am I supposed to know?

Mr. T

Pop Culture Impact: Quintessential image of a bad ass.

How To Achieve This Look: Step 1: Develop the muscles
Step 2: Develop the attitude
Step 3: Develop the skills
Step 4: Shave the sides of your head

6. Demi Moore

Pop Culture Impact: Women without hair is ten times more capable of launching a million fantasies.

How To Achieve This Look: Get a razor, shave it off.

7. Diana Ross

Pop Culture Impact: Seriously made the natural African American Hair the envy of many.

How To Achieve This Look: Step 1: You have to be black.

8. Tina Turner

Pop Culture Impact: Oh I love Ms. Turner. I can’t diss her. I love the hair. Always have

How To Achieve This Look: You can’t.

9. Donald Trump

Pop Culture Impact: The ultimate realization that you and your hair are two separate individuals. It has a career of its own.

How To Achieve This Look: Available at your nearest store.

10. Don King

Pop Culture Impact: It changed the way we watch boxing. Suddenly, the hair is the main event.

How To Achieve This Look: You don’t want to know.

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