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Heidi Montag $65,000 Episode
 Heidi Montag $65,000 Episode, If you want to know where the world’s money go, we tell you: to 'The Hills' cast members salaries. The Daily Beast has reported how much 'The Hills; stars earn for playing that, sometimes so ridiculous, getting married game. The bills are even more incredible than the fact that Lady Gaga could actually be a sexy person. Here there is the list:
  • Lauren Conrad: $125,000/episode
  • Audrina Patridge, Lauren Bosworth and Heidi Montag: $100,000/episode
  • Kristin Cavallari: $90,000/episode
  • Spencer Pratt: $65,000/episode
  • Brody Jenner: $45,000/episode

Imagine that Heidi Montag could actually but like 5 homes in Detroit every month?!
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