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Heidi Fleiss $10,000 night

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Heidi Fleiss $10,000 night
Heidi Fleiss $10,000 night, Well there's already eco-porn, and green keeps getting hotter and hotter, so it's not too surprising that someone would try to open an eco-brothel. That someone is none other than infamous celebrity madam Heidi Fleiss.The raven-haired, 80-pound ex-con plans to open the stud-farm and -- get this -- spa on land she owns near dusty Pahrump, Nevada. The facility will reportedly boast wind turbines, and the feisty proprietor is looking into non-toxic, green building materials and techniques, to make sure no one gets a chemical headache while getting boffed.

The Stud Farm will be “an exclusive resort, and I’ll make it really nice like the Beverly Hills Hotel,” Heidi reportedly has said, for women who "want to get a manicure, a pedicure, and a shag.”

So far Fleiss has hit a delay, after she was tangled up in some local intrigue. It seems another brothel owner was arrested for allegedly bribing a public official, and Fleiss had reportedly introduced those two parties. But the erstwhile madam of $10,000-night call girls believes her eco-brothel will soon get up and running.

Fleiss already owns a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient Laundromat in Pahrump.

Fleiss is a vegetarian who considers herself a tree hugger. She is also well known for owning 20 some exotic parrots. Perhaps that explains part of why she takes indoor air quality so seriously, given that birds are highly sensitive to toxic VOCs (remember the proverbial canary in the coal mine?).

Source: thedailygreen

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