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Gaga’s sis opens up about sib, Lady Gaga’s little sister has revealed that she has no intention of following in her big sister’s footsteps by chasing the spotlight. gaga sister Natali germanotta,

Fashion student Natali Germanotta, 19, made a cameo in Gaga’s 2009 Telephone video but insisted that was as far as it goes.

Asked by Teen Vogue is she ever wears Gaga’s clothes, she said, “Some of the stuff she wears I’d be like, ‘No, never’.”

gaga sister Natali germanotta, But she couldn’t be more supportive when it comes to her sibling’s out-there choices, and even encouraged her to go all-out for her graduation, for which Gaga wore a rhinestone-encrusted bodysuit and beekeeper headgear.
“She asked me, ‘should I dress really conservative and look not like myself, or should I do it over-the-top and freak everybody out?’

“And I was like, ‘the latter, definitely the latter’.”

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