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Cheesemakers in bid for world record slice of Stilton
 Cheesemakers in bid for world record slice of Stilton, Long Clawson Dairy 110kg world record cheese slice bid. Cheesemakers in Leicestershire have attempted to break the world record for the heaviest cheese slice.

Long Clawson Dairy staff have created a wedge of blue Stilton which weighed in 110.5kg (244lbs) for the firm's centenary celebrations.Martin Taylor, the dairy's chief executive, said it was a difficult challenge but he was surprised by the quality of the cheese created.

The dairy was attempting to beat the current world record of 100kg (220lbs).
'Like fine wine'

In order to create the slice the dairy had to create the world's largest stilton, at just over 140kg (309lbs).

"It's the first time we've done it. It wasn't easy," said Mr Taylor.

Cheesemakers had to make special cheese cutters to slice the Stilton and use a pallet scale to weigh it.

"We were quite surprised that the quality is absolutely superb, if anything slightly better than your average," said the cheesemaker.

"It's like fine wine in a bigger bottle matures better."

The Borough of Melton's mayor and a local police inspector were the official witnesses of the world record attempt which is still to be verified by Guinness World Records.

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