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Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors

Take a look at some of the stars who have battled breast cancer and won. Then join Yahoo! in the fight against breast cancer by updating your pink ribbon status. Y! will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, up to $50,000, to help uninsured women get free mammograms.
Sheryl Crow, Musicians
Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow is a breast cancer survivor who frequently performs at benefits to fight the disease. In August 2010, Crow opened the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center, a state of the art digital screening and diagnostic imaging center located inside every Pink Lotus Breast Center.
Melissa Etheridge, Musicians
Crow's good friend Melissa Etheridge was diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 42. The rocker wowed the crowd at the 2005 Grammy Awards when, after chemotherapy, she stepped on stage and proudly showed off her bald head.
Hotties, Maura Tierney
She may have played a doctor on "E.R." but that doesn't mean she likes them. “I was so, so scared of going to the doctor,” Tierney told Parade of the day she first discovered a lump. “My boyfriend at the time made me go," admitted Tierney, adding, "That’s one thing I will say: 'Don’t be afraid to go to the damn doctor. Just go!'” Diagnosed in June 2009, Maura is now in remission and starring in a new drama, "The Whole Truth."
Christina Applegate, Hotties
In 2008, Emmy-winning actress Christina Applegate was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 36. Christina is now cancer-free after undergoing a double mastectomy and has launched her own foundation dedicated to the cause called Right Action for Women. She's expecting her first child later this year
Cynthia Nixon, Giving Back
"Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon privately fought breast cancer in 2006. Thanks to a lumpectomy and six-and-a-half weeks of radiation, the actress is cancer-free and served as an ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, an organization that supports breast cancer research.
Kylie Minogue, Musicians
Kylie Minogue had to postpone her "Showgirl" tour when she found out in May 2005 that she had breast cancer. Cancer-free since 2006, the Australian pop star admits the disease had a huge impact on her life. "I learned that you never go back to a normal state, instead you have to create a new normal state. I have to accept my life for its triumphs and its other sides, take the good with the bad," said Minogue, adding, "I experienced a world of illness and positive attitudes. These experiences contributed to making me a more mature person."
Edie Falco
"Nurse Jackie" star Edie Falco credits sobriety with helping her conquer breast cancer. "I had really been taking care of myself for about 15 years before I got sick -- not drinking, not smoking, eating well -- so I fared very well," she told Parade magazine.
Betsey Johnson, Giving Back
Flamboyant fashion designer Betsey Johnson also fought the disease and won. She's now a strong breast cancer advocate who takes part in fundraising events, and a portion of the proceeds from her Breast Cancer Awareness collection go to two of Betsey's favorite charities: the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, and the Weill Cornell Breast Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where Betsey herself was treated.
Jaclyn Smith, Giving Back
Jaclyn Smith and her "Charlie's Angels" co-star Kate Jackson were both diagnosed with the illness. Today, a portion of the sales from Smith's clothing and upholstery line goes to breast cancer research. This October, Smith will appear in the star-studded documentary "1 a Minute," which features personal tales from famous breast cancer survivors.
Musicians, Olivia Newton-John
Another star also appearing in the film is Olivia Newton-John, who was diagnosed in 1992. Now 62, her battle with breast cancer inspired the Australian singer to write and produce the album Gaia, which reflects upon her personal experience with the disease.
Robin Roberts, Giving Back
In 2007, "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts announced she had breast cancer. The anchor discovered the lump while doing a story about how early detection is key to surviving cancer. "I'm very blessed and thankful that I found it early," said Roberts.
Carly Simon, Musicians
When Carly Simon revealed she had breast cancer in 1998, she told the New York Daily News that the situation made her stronger than ever. "When you actually have a battle, it's better than when you don't know who to fight," said the singer-songwriter.
Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers created a stir when, following surgery and radiation, she announced she was foregoing chemotherapy and successfully opted to use an alternative therapy (Iscador, an extract of mistletoe) to treat her breast cancer. In 2009, Somers released a book, "Knockout," which endorses controversial alternative cancer treatments.
Hoda Kotb
"Today" co-host Hoda Kotb -- whose book, Hoda: How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee, hits stores October 12 -- was happy she could use her morning talk show to bring awareness to the horrible disease that hit her in 2006. Kotb allowed "Today's" cameras to follow her throughout her cancer ordeal (she had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery). Once she was cancer-free, her story was documented on the show.

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