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Two is better than one.

There’s a whole lot of symmetry happening in this Noel Jeffrey-designed bedroom. Doubling up on accessories is one of the oldest decorating tricks in the book—and it pretty much always looks good. Note the matching table lamps on either side of the bed, and also the pearly lamps flanking both sides of the desk, the twin nightstands, and the coordinating black and white abstract artwork. Pairs bring balance and harmony to a space.
The annual Kip’s Bay Decorator Show House is in full swing right now in New York City, which for those who aren't familiar, is a big fundraising event/decorating extravaganza whereby an army of chichi interior designers overtake a chichi house (this year’s location is an Upper East Side manse that’s also currently on sale—unfurnished—for $28.8 million) and each gets his/her own room to makeover however they see fit.
It’s an opportunity for some of the country's most prominent designers to showcase their talents, and since it’s open to the public, it’s a great time for the rest of us to catch a glimpse not only into how the other half—or really .01%—lives (there are individual side tables in there that are worth six figures!), but to check out some of the latest interior trends to adapt in our own homes.
The decorators’ styles range from old-school traditional to glamorously ladylike to unabashedly modern, and no matter how your own taste skews, there are some good tips and design tricks to be gleaned from surveying all the different rooms. Check out our slideshow for a re-cap. And if you’re in the New York area, stop by the Show House to scope it it all out in person (and note the price of your $30 admission ticket benefits the Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club. The Show House goes on through November 11. For more info, visit
Source: The New York Times

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