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Amazing Hexakopter with High Definition Builtin Camera

The HexaKopter is a 1.2kg, six-rotor device has a flight-time of up to 36 minutes and can carry around 1kg along with a high-definition camera that delivers some amazing images. It has a built-in GPS locator that it to return to its staring position (home) automatically. Creator Holger Buss says the HexaKopter is easy to fly, robust and has plenty of applications, from aerial photography, environmental measuring and as a toy.

Technical data of the HexaKopter:
- flight-time: up to 30 minutes (with small payload)
- max. payload: 1kg
- weight: 1200g

MikroKopter - HexaKopter from Holger Buss on Vimeo.

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